I spent the morning working on Emojinote’s landing page, I surprised myself being quite agile in the implementation, it seems I’ve leveled up in front-end. As I’ve been consistent at the gym I see a parallel effect: skills which were gained a long time ago are easy to regain, what is difficult is breaking into new ground. After I was done I found the greatest difficulty getting engaged with Boolean work and drove myself miserable, so I went to the library to see if I would find better concentration, and the usual happened: after 30 minutes of resistance I found flow, and I left the library with my hopes restored.

The finish line is just up ahead, but I find myself hesitant to cross it. Funnily enough, the thoughts that arise are not of self-doubt, they are about being uncomfortable in the spotlight. I suppose it’s a positive forecast, but I can’t help but notice any kind of expectation is useless. One just has to do the work that needs to be done and deal with the effects as they happen, stressing over outcomes is useless stress. But these things are met with acceptance, I knew that coming to the finish line would be the most difficult part.