Some weeks ago the Observatory of Bükk National Park in Hungary got in touch with María asking for permission to use the Color Game in a new exhibition at the observatory. The answer was obviously yes, but María forwarded the request to me because they were requesting to translate the game into Hungarian.

Since it is very difficult to get translations right without knowing the language, I translated the Color Game into Spanish first so that they could have the setup necessary to provide their own translation.

In the process of doing this I noticed that touch support was completely broken. I programmed this game around 9 years ago, and the source file I had to work with was compiled from coffeescript. Even when it had touch support, it was a bit of a hack: it required to you to press, hold, drag, and the match was done on touch release. It was implemented this way because it was the only way I could get it to work at the time I programmed it.

After days wrangling I got it working again and fired it up on my trusty old iPhone 6. It is very close to being mobile friendly, so I decided to use the weekend (and probably a bit of the week) to polish the mobile version in a way that I can announce mobile support to the public at large, since at this time, I only dare to share this with beta state with you, dear reader.

Check out the Color Game on mobile. Here is a teaser: