Yesterday, on Friday, after yoga class I went to my father’s house to spend the day there because it was my nephew’s 7th year birth day party. Besides my sister, my cousin and her five year old accompanied us. We played in the pool and ate pizza and put up a piñata, the traditional birthday party but in small scale. My nephew was not too unhappy about it, since he got many toys because people feel guilty he has to spend so much time indoors, me included. I bought him a game of bloxels, in hopes that his minecraft passion translates a bit more to the real world.

I had a good time but I was briefly irritated that I was put away from work. I had so many things to do, yadda yadda. I indulged on pizza, soda and cake. I took it with leisure. When I left, instead of coming home, I went to the gym. After the gym my head completely cleared up—not to say I was believing the dialogue, but I was feeling guilty about not working on Friday at all, and placing that resentment on my sister.

How strange the mind works! I was suffering a sugar crash, when I got to the gym it was empty and completely uninspired, so I left after a couple of minutes fooling around. The important part is to show up, be indifferent to what happens there. If your shoulder is hurting, its better to wrap up your yoga mat instead of half-assing your chaturangas. Lesson learned. Thankfully, physiotherapy did wonders, I will be more mindful of my shoulders from now on, for sure.

So, coming back home I realized: I am free to choose when I want to rest, why I make a deal out of it! I can work my ass off tomorrow if I want to, I’m not the boss of myself to expect me to work on Friday, I am the owner of my calendar, and I can swap a Friday for a Saturday with ease. If I cannot find appreciation in my life, I don’t notice these possibilities.

So today I begun work early with warm enthusiasm, I am wrapping up a big project that begun with the year. I always dread the close, but in this case it was pleasure. I worked at home until I ceased to be productive. After the gym I went to a café which has a large window appropriate for people-seeing. So I worked long hours there, got things wrapped up with nothing to show to the reader, since the client is a discreet person.

And still, despite this project being delivered, I was left with other things to do for tomorrow which leaves me… Oh, I have an idea of how to spend my Sunday in both leisure and work, if things go according to plan I shall write tomorrow’s work log at an inspired setting, God willing.