Notebits Flow set for 500 words in 10 minutes. I've been wondering what to do about the work logs. It's been great for warming up to publishing again, but I feel that the fact that I have to write every day detracts from longer, well thought writing. I'll continue doing it at least until the Bézier Game is released. When I set out to do this, I said I would do it until August, but that was because that's when I expected to release the Bézier Game. So many unexpected turns have taken it quite behind schedule. But there is no regret, strangely. I've enjoyed the process, and I've enjoyed the detours. And I'd be worried if I had nothing to show for it, but soon things will be released.

This morning I went to work to the nearest study hall. It was packed, which unsettled me: these weeks it's been empty everywhere. But then I remembered: they closed the nearest library, so probably this study hall has twice the people it would normally have, and one wing was also closed for AC maintenance, so it would have four times as much density if these conditions were not met.

I worked for a bit more than an hour on the Bézier Game. I've decided how to proceed: this is like opening up an electronic device with the intention of upgrading and polishing many pieces, but then you realize: this was done some years ago, it's not as elegant as I'd do it now, but it's also a quite complicated piece of machinery, so I cannot redo it from scratch. So, I re-scaled my ambitions and decided to simply put it back together with minimal upgrades. There will be new levels and new stages, of course, but probably no localStorage saving or some fancy ideas for mirroring the pen tool in order to be more efficient drawing. And no dynamic grid lines which would allow you to use shift in cool ways. Oh, I see that my writing suffers when I have to write this fast, but I need to write fast in order that my writing is not lost, so it really is an effective tool for letting your thoughts out. I'm banging at the keyboard to reach the time bar. I shall not delete anything. Let's go on.

So I continued doing some levels, slowly putting everything back together, and fixing bugs. It was a productive morning, and I was satisfied with the work done. Then I came back home, had lunch, and went to the gym. After this, I wondered what would I do, I went to the pool and took again Eckermann's notes on Goethe, and as much wisdom was extracted from the book as possible. I've been underlining with a pencil the things which I find relevant, in order to write an article when I finish it. I feel kinda guilty underlining a book taken from the library, but I suppose I can erase everything when I'm done. I confess too to have drawn some things on the margin of the pages.

After this I went to the Reina Sofía Library, to finish off the latest things of Notebits Flow, which I'm using right now. I'm excited that finally something is going to be released, and I'm hoping this rolls off things from the production line. I feel constipated by so many projects. Goethe says that we should prune ourselves as plants are pruned so that their energy is focused on less branches. Indeed, what a wise person. Never writing at this rythm again, oh my. Or perhaps I should. To any reader to reads this: thanks and apologies. I might just continue doing it to see if I can become more coherent at this speed.