I shall start using Notebits Flow in the expected manner, which is to set a constraint (500 words) and a goal (15 minutes) with somewhat cogent text, for it is easier to write non-sense than it is to make sense (most of the time!).

Today I woke up hopeful. I was receiving guests at noon at the airbnb apartment, so I had little margin for anything. In terms of the work log, I would have had one work session of 1.5h. The past guests had left the windows open, so the apartment was more dusty than usual and required more cleaning, so I had little margin to finish.

In the end I had just enough time, and I received a guy in his early twenties with his parents. From the context I understood the young man lived in Madrid, and his parents were visiting. Though why his parents would come to Madrid in August is beyond my comprehension (most people go out of Madrid).

I went back home at lunch time, and after lunch I debated if I should work, for it is Saturday. I felt more like spending the day at the pool, so I found the compromise: I'd take Eckermann's notes on Goethe and I would annotate the book so I could write an article later. This I did, and I spent around two hours doing it.

Knowing it was Saturday and summer, I knew there would be an event tonight, turns out there was a good band at a park in between the pool and my house! So I came here. I found the outdoor amphiteather packed, but I wasn't really interested in seeing the band as much as hearing it. And so I found a nice grassy secluded spot, and I'm writing this as the concert is taking place.

I'm happy with the direction this is going, the last few days have been tough, mostly out of frustration about things not going the direction where I wanted them to go, but there is something faulty about this reasoning. Now I feel as if I had taken apart a lego set with great ambitions of extensions, and now I'll have to put it back together with revised ambitions. It's really simple, I had thought about abandoning the work done on the Bézier Game, but another force fought back: you should finish everything you do. Throwing away work is the same as throwing away money, or food, time, or perfectly good clothes. It's wasteful. But putting in more time is also senseless, forcing myself to do things I do not enjoy is a sure way of gaining a distaste for work.

It seems a lot of wisdom is required to work for oneself, one can be the most tyrannical or the softest balled boss, finding the elusive middle ground is the art. And by the way, I hate the term "middle ground", is implies that the matter is simply not being so hard or so soft. If it only were that easy, the question is of being hard when circumstances require you to be hard, and to be soft when softness is required. I shall aim to be like water, cutting under pressure and flowing in relaxation.

Mission accomplished, 500 words in under 15 minutes. Next time I shall aim for 750 words in 20 minutes.