There will be a lot of documentation work regarding the virtuegraph, and after some thought I've concluded that the best moment to write the documentation is as I'm using it. So I will change the format of my work logs so that I can use them as documentation when the product is released.

Getting Started with the virtuegraph

Most people have a long list of wishes, resolutions, yearnings, goals and aspirations. Should the average person list everything that they want to accomplish during their lifetime, and compare it to the things they have actually accomplished, it would become very clear that the rhythm of accomplishment is insufficient for their ambitions. Therefore, we must combat dispersion and put our energies into a small subset of our will. What we choose for focusing our energies is not necessarily what is most important, but it's what is most important for the cycle.

The cycle

A cycle is a period of time in which you wish to accomplish something. For example, I know that I wish to finish the Bézier Game within 30 work days. Now, the amount of days is not set in stone, it is simply an estimation to which you can add or remove days. It is best to begin having a flexible schedule. Accurate estimation is not one of the goals, through practice you will learn to become more accurate.

Choosing what is most important for a cycle

Though, like plants, we like to extend multiple branches at the same time in order to capture sunlight, in practice our self-image rarely matches reality. Though certainly I've met people who are tremendously effective, and could use the virtuegraph right off the bat, I think it's best to handle the task with the humility of a seedling.

If you had just one leaf to capture sunlight, what would that leaf be? In my case it's the Bézier Game, the reason why this is important for me is irrelevant to the reader, as long as you can set a limit on the duration of a goal, and you find enough personal relevance, any goal will do.

But, a leaf has a trunk from which more leaves can appear! What is the trunk of the Bézier Game? It is work. If the Bézier Game had siblings, who would they be? Well, I need to outline this out:

  • Work
    • Bezier Game
    • Virtuegraph
    • Notebits
    • Airbnb
    • Goethe
    • Work routes

Though clearly "Work" can have siblings too ("Exercise" for example), it is important to resist adding more branches for the time being. We need to make sure this branch is healthy before dispersing the energy into a new branch.

Registering activity

I will stub this paragraph, as a table is not the correct way to register activity, but I need to do so in order to advance

Bézier Game105min/0.5Repositioned start and endpoints upon resize and upon undo/redo
Virtuegraph75min/0.7Wrote documentation
Goethe40min/0.3Underlined Conversations with Goethe
Work routesnull/null

I will end the work day here, as it's Sunday and I have a social engagement.