That blinking bar at the end of this very present moment.

That’s the text caret. Also known as text cursor, text insertion cursor, or text selection cursor or my favorite annoying blinking piece of shit. I should not say that. It’s a neglected piece of UI, why bother improving it, if people don’t know the basics of how to use it properly.

Notice the motive of the blinking, the world is claiming for your attention, in the background my mother is speaking to my aunt about some drama that happened at lunchtime, but the cursor is blinking, yes, I must come back to writing.

You must take the blinking with humor. The text caret is your pacer, when you pause it’s yelling at you “come on, go, go go” while you are there, looking empty eyed at the screen. When you start writing the caret stops blinking. You must not even pause, or the blinking will start again. Make this your practice and you will never stop writing.

The caret has many tricks people don’t know about. At the same time, it could do much more.

alt text

I’m currently focused on this game/tutorial.