I’m sitting at a café in an open air shopping mall, and I just finished work, but I have around 30 minutes to spare before my biodanza class. I will describe the people who walk by:

  1. A well dressed man, looking at his phone.
  2. A man in a white shirt and jeans carrying a brown bag, walking briskly.
  3. A woman in a black uniform, probably works at a restaurant nearby.
  4. A short and robust lady, 40ish. I thought she was wearing socks and sandals, but it was just an illusion caused by her shoes which look like straps around socks.
  5. A young fellow in gym gear, probably went to the gym.
  6. A man with a yellow Northface jacket, looking at his phone.
  7. Three short ladies whom all share the same languid gait, must be family.
  8. A couple with two small children. The woman is tall and asian (a rare sight in Mexico). The man is a tall Mexican guy. The couple are beautiful, as well as the children. All are enjoying ice cream leisurely. A pleasant sight.
  9. A tall robust woman who walks with a limp.
  10. A short dark man in blue cargo pants holding a small coke in each hand, held by the cap, slightly swinging them with each stride. Probably a maintenance guy.
  11. A couple in gym gear. She looks like she cares about fashion, he looks like he couldn’t care less about it.

Well, this is entertaining, it could probably be made into a writing exercise, but it would need another constraint. Woman #3 (dressed in black probably works at a restaurant) just walked back with a baguette in her arm, texting while walking briskly. Perhaps she was sent to fetch bread because the restaurant ran out of it, and she can’t text at work. There is the constraint: observe people for some time, then create a plausible story about one of them.