Yesterday I discovered Factorio’s development blog and I was impressed at how this team could communicate technical matters with such grace. I had been working on importing Illustrator content into Method Draw accurately, and I thought: I will have nothing to show for all this work, because nobody will be interested in the technical details of how Illustrator produces SVG content.

I guess, if I was enthusiastic about this particular problem, I could communicate it with passion and then make an interesting work log, but since this condition does not exist, at 8pm when I finished my work day, I thought: I ought to a quick improvement to one of my games that I can show to my dear reader.

When I rewrote KernType from scratch, I set myself one week for this work, and since I often exceed my estimates because of scope creep, my only scope was to replicate the original game with two features: that it saved your progress, and that it would adapt to the size of the viewport (screen).

So, at 8pm I decided to make a small improvement before going to bed, and I chose to add hover states to the letters, to make it clear what you were moving when you hovered over the word, because the hit area exceeds the shape of the letter. Here is the result: