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This morning I resumed Kern Type work after multiple week hiatus because of travel.

An existential insight: I know that the best way to complete a project is to keep the ball rolling, to do a little bit every day without gaps. However, this belief causes that the gap to grow larger when there is one.

There is a difference between dropping the ball two hours, two days, two weeks, two months, or two years. How soon you find yourself “playing” with the ball after a long hiatus depends on the person and the project, so there is no universal recipe here, only a maxim:

The best time to pick up that project you are working on is now.

I chose to implement the thumbnails for each level (which is simply the word corresponding to the first stage), however, since the shapes are in SVG it would have to be a “mini rendering” of the full blown version.

After some time looking at my own code that implements the interactive SVG rendering I chose not to do it this way, getting eventListeners out of the way would be too much work.

So I opened Dev Tools and selected the SVG, copied it to the clipboard and voila! After some CSS styling I had my small thumbnails.

A good way of warming back up to the codebase.