I’ve held to my promise to work a little bit every day on Kern Type so that it doesn’t go “cold”, but the work is not very visual, or important as to share here. If it were construction work, it would be sweeping and picking up after myself. Inconsequential, but necessary work.

Yesterday I did some of this work on the train from Montreal to Toronto. I’ll spend two weeks in Montreal with my family, and then I will fly to Victoria in the opposite coast of Canada to visit more family. Afterwards I fly to Cancún to spend a month with another kind of family (my friends). My last flight will be to go back home in Puebla in December.

It’s difficult to get any meaningful work done when I’m in nomadic mode. It’s already difficult enough when I’m sedentary. But, in the spirit of trying new things, I’m working on Kern Type in the little pockets of time between my chores. I’m framing it not as result but as process, the purpose is not to finish Kern Type, it’s to keep myself warm to the codebase so that when the conditions are good, I can make use of tailwind and work at full speed.

Only time will tell!