I’m lost in work, but the details of work have been throughly explored with the Boolean Project, and I feel I would be repeating myself by writing my work logs as I was doing last year.

Let us confirm this as a fact. Let us see what was written one year ago, on January 17, 2019:

Today I don’t feel like writing the work log, the day was partly frustrating, but I look at the reasons and they are not worth a grumpy mood: I spent most of the day trying to resolve a nasty bug in which callbacks weren’t firing at their expected time. The animation library I had chosen wasn’t doing what I expected: having simultaneous animations firing dynamically seemed to require a pattern I couldn’t wrap my head around, and in the end I gave up and replaced the library for anime.js, which worked like a charm.

Then I went to buy a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter in order to use the 4K monitor I have at home, but the inventory at the store was not the same as their website. I went to another store, same story. Then to a third one, same thing. I came back home and placed the order on Amazon.

I sense the events didn’t cause the mood, but I woke up sensitive to frustration and it grew from there. I came back home and had a nap, then meditated. I felt better and put an extra hour towards fixing more bugs. Grand scheme of things: awesome. Day: crappy. Accept and move on.

My day today was perfect. It included a little bit of everything:

I went to yoga early in the morning.
I went to a café and treated myself to coffee.
I implemented the offline version of [secret project].
I hit the gym.
I came back home, investigated on the api we’ll use for [secret project].
I lighted up.
I did landscaping work.
Beers with my cousins.
Back home to write about it.

How strange is mood and disposition! The work log has always been acceptance about what comes out. If I’m not on the camino and greatly inspired, the inspiration comes from a different source. Work and the body is where my attention is focused at this moment, and it is worth writing about. I will officially resume the work logs next Monday ☯️