I sit down and I debate wether I should write the day or continue with pleasure work. You may agree that is it best to show the work done, rather the intentions and thoughts and deadlines that one puts into work. So instead of boring the reader with banal thoughts, it is best to put one's mind to work and to show what was accomplished today.

Today I finished a customization forThe Free Logo Makers. They wanted a color scheme that matched their brand. I prepared the codebase to integrate Runge.

The default color scheme, for comparison:

Lightmode (I will change this palette soon)

The FLM color scheme:

And yesterday I created another client's color scheme:

It takes me very little time to create themes, thanks to a palette generator I built last year:

Phew! It takes me a long time to produce a post with images. Now it's late and I have no time for pleasure work!

An idea: I can demonstrate Runge in action by creating a 30 minute color scheme. Let us start right now:

15 Minutes in and I rediscovered a problem which I already knew: you need more sublety along the edges of the highest and lowest points. I must interpolate, and perhaps in this way I can reduce the number of colors to eight.

Let's go to rest now.