I hate preparing screenshots. My current workflow is convoluted: I grab a screenshot, paste it in Sketch, name the layer, export the layer as PNG in two resolutions into a directory which I then upload to my server via rsync. It is absurd. I waste so much time putting images on my work logs. I needed to resolve this, so today I put aside a couple of work-pleasure hours to accomplish it. It was two hours:

Steps to test the feature:

  1. Head to blank.page
  2. Grab a screenshot, for example, on a Mac type Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4, then press the space bar, and grab your current window.
  3. Press the preview button and verify that your image is loaded.

alt text

And now an image of the preview…

alt text

This is so much easier than any workflow that I’ve tried before, but I need to keep working on it this week. I will formally announce the feature when it is completed, but since I’m already enjoying it, I suppose there is no harm in sharing things as they are developed.