Replace ⌘ for Ctrl if you are a Windows or Linux users

⌘B Bold
⌘I Italic

I implemented bold and italic markdown formatting in Blank Page. This feature is only available through keyboard shortcuts, we think it’s the best approach for both the writer and the user interface.

⌘K Insert Link

You can already insert a markdown link by pasting a URL over selected text.

A newly implmented alternative is to press ⌘K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows, Linux et al). A prompt will ask you for the URL. If there’s selected text, the link will be built from it. If there is no text selected, the text of the link will default to the URL, but it will be selected so you can change it easily.

⇧⌘X Clear

This is an improvement of an existing feature. When clearing a page, we used to display a confirmation so that you wouldn’t accidentally lose your text. We’ve always known this to be technical debt because the correct way to implement it is by allowing the writer to undo the clear.

Now you can restore your text after clearing it, or even hit ⌘Z and the text will come back.