My friend and creative accomplice René Galindo has launched a fundraiser for Blank Page.

Blank Page is a deceptively simple text editor which I’ve developed in collaboration with René for a number of years. People like it because it gets out of the way while writing. When I share with people for the first time, a common reaction is a shrug: what’s so exciting about literally a blank page to type on?

But later they are typing on gmail’s tiny sluggish textarea and frustrated by all the cruft they remember that boring blank page and come back to write the email there. Then it clicks: Blank Page just gets out of the way! A common outcome days later after the indifferent shrug is hearing them say they’re using it every day.

If you are one of regular blank page users who has come across the app through reading this work log, I encourage you to donate to the fundraiser. A substantial amount of your donation comes back to me in the form of development fees, and this is work that I love to do, so you get double the gratitude for the same donation :)