It's been a while since I have written here. The personal project I was working on (a game to learn how to use the keyboard effectively) fizzled away when I had an important family related task took me to Montreal for two months. I'm working part-time on tasks decidedly not-designerish so I don't write here and instead write at, which I use for my personal work. I will come back to design work in August.

Meanwhile, I left my backers page somewhat abandoned, having not updated it in five months (!). Donations have slowed to trickle and no longer make a significant percentage of my income. When this sort of thing happens (in any project, in any field), you must either let go completely or double down and invest time to make things work again. I'm still undecided about what to do about donations, perhaps they have run their course and I will put this list of names into a sort of virtual shrine because my backers are saints and I would like to honor them in some way.

Be warned that I will come back to design work in August, in full existential angst fueled by spiritual delusions and work aversion. I wouldn't want it any other way: angst is the counterpoint of joy, the crater that is carved by the sorrows of work is later filled with the joy of satisfaction and enjoying the fruits of labor.