Today I worked on a Keynote presentation. I hadn’t used it before, I used to do all my presentations as pages in Sketch and then export to PDF. This works good for me, but this time I needed video.

When doing public speaking I usually present my own work, so I need to jump between the PDF and a web browser. Most of my work is heavily interactive, and this lends itself to a lot of real-time mistakes. I’m clearly no Steve Jobs on the stage. I fumble, mumble and tumble. However I think people prefer my awkward style better than an eye-glazing powerpoint presentation. It’s the difference between seeing a drawing painted live rather than after the fact.

It’s late and I’m tired today, I’ll be brief:

  • Today I ceased smoking. I don’t call it quitting, because I often come and go. With less attachment it’s both easier to quit and easier to come back. I still write it down here because it becomes work in itself.

  • Concerning meditation: I meditated during one hour, before leaving home to work at the library. Then, at the library, I could enter the meditative state almost immediately. In fact, I can still do it at this very moment. This capacity fades if I’m not persistent.

  • I was coming back home from the library, and since it’s a long ride (one hour by bike) I put on earphones for the first time. I listened to @naval’s podcast, which I enjoyed, and then I put on music. I was pumped up, and went full throttle on the bike. What a rush! I’m usually more measured with my energies, too much physical extenuation brings the mind down with it.

But it is springtime, and today was one of the first truly warm days of this year. So fuck conservation of energy. Blossom like nature does after the cold winter.