Wednesday. I woke up at 9am, because I went to bed very late. I was finding trouble concentrating, so I sat down to meditate. I dozed off for a couple of seconds, and a dream presented to me:

I was in a bowling alley with an adventurous friend from my childhood. We headed to the front desk, where an old man attended us. “I already have shoes” my friend said. “I’ll need shoes” I said, but he handed me an unclosed ziplock bag with two small screws and a screwdriver. I considered it unthoughtful of him not to close the ziplock back because the screws might get lost. Besides, I didn’t know why I would need them, but I took the bag anyways.

When I grabbed the bag I came back into the meditative state without transitioning to the waking state, and it was a novel sensation. I immediately knew the meaning of the dream: my screws are loose and it’s possible that they get lost.

I then grabbed the bike to the library and had some solid hours of work. I dedicated most of the time to Emojinote’s sponsored level. I spend a considerable amount of time on it with the knowledge that with this stage I’m not only selling Emojinote, but sponsored stages to possible clients. When I met up with René at the gym I was glad he liked it.

I’m coming closer and closer to release, and I see new possibilities sprout out. I will withhold them and polish what I have. I admit to being immensely tired, but it’s not burnout tired, I’m not fed up with what I’m doing but I look in the mirror and there’s bags under my eyes, I’m so up in my head that I notice that even my gait has lost it’s rythm.

What I want most is to come back into the world, to be able to enjoy walks in nature, to be present, to pursue breadth instead of depth in projects, to learn things outside of my field that hold no relation to work, to reconnect with my spiritual practice, to fall in love, to make new friends, to broaden my horizons.

Indeed, I’m glad I’m coming to this conclusion, because I was setting up a roadmap for the new features that could come up. Instead, the roadmap is to wind down work and come back into life. The recurring revenue question has been answered.

Questions I’m asking myself

  1. Is the gym a viable workplace?
  2. What can I do to reduce distractions at home?
  3. What is the best way of notifying people that new stages are available?
  4. What is the best way to monetize through recurring revenue? Recurring revenue is recurring work. Avoid.
  5. Where is meditation practice leading me?