Over the past few days I’ve felt inclinations to change my style of writing. To write fiction. To write in aphorisms. Whatever, anything but writing about my daily grind. I’ve bored myself doing this. And that’s a good thing, as it tends to move me into new territory. For tonight, I’ll just write down observations.

¶ Yes, the same actions produce the same results, but only when context remains constant.

¶ If you wish to speak with a stranger, it’s best to do it just as you are arriving or just as you are leaving.

¶ A fruit store is perhaps the best place to grab a snack on the go.

¶ If you’ve grown comfortable among acquaintances, sparkling water is just as good as beer, and less taxing the next day.

¶ When the supermarket is near closing time and you need to grab something, stop writing.