More bits of experience:

I frequently come upon resistance to work, only when I give up and think I’m not in the mood for work do I find something to work on. It’s by finding the path of least resistance that I find the stepping stones to advance. For some reason, this lesson doesn’t seem to sink in.

I went to yoga twice today, once in the morning the other in the afternoon. I no longer find weight lifting enticing, yet I can’t help but notice the quick progress is due to the strength developed through lifting weights. I suppose when I come back to lifting weights I will also see improvement, both disciplines highlight different things, but what is highlighted on one side plays a supporting role on the other. For example, I shake a lot on the bench press, and no technique would help me out. And I also shook a lot starting yoga, but through the emphasis in breathing the muscles seem to get in sync, and shaking has been greatly reduced.

There seems to be a parallel between this and intellectual matters which I will explore in time.

The mind seems to finally have put the game at its appropriate scale. On Monday I’ll publish a batch of changes and then do my best to promote it. If this doesn’t work out I’ll be equanimous. It was a great adventure and I find some similarity to the first time I walked two years go: I just barely arrived to Santiago with my ankles so swollen they looked like elephant legs (after just 200Km).

Despite the pains I enjoyed the experience, and I’ve walked ten times this amount since then. My ankles haven’t swollen again, in part because I don’t go stomping around as amateurs do, I also know the difference between normal and abnormal exertion pain, and simple hardiness that grows out of practice.

It was a well earned experience.