I originally announced the worklogs had resumed because I was expecting a significant client project to materialize, but the deal went up in thin air. What am I to do now? Finish the work I currently have at hand, and perhaps interspace it with a personal project.

Today I worked some solid hours on client work, I’m still not done, but I would like to leave those tasks for later. I’ve done enough chores for today. How does one connect with inspiration, after hours of toil?

My battery is at 5%, I just discovered I am without electricity. It will be better to resolve this and then come back to writing.

I am now at the café of CityMarket, a grocery store. My bank apparently missed an automated payment and my before-last receipt went unpaid. What great damage does menial toil to inspiration work. But the damage is double if I get mad at the institution.

Before coming here, I encountered Óscar on the street of the neighborhood. He was furious, screaming that he would pull out a gun or plant a bomb at the offices of the national ID institution, because they refused to attend him after he argued that his ID was expired when //they// said it was not. I told him we could have lunch together, but to cut off his threats.

“Do you think that by threatening to blow them up, you will get anything resolved”—“Yes of course! They will shit their pants and respect me!”. “You know that’s not true Óscar, stop making empty threats and let’s have lunch”. He eventually calmed down, and made special notice that I didn’t have electricity either. He’s been without electricity for two months now, his family had sent him money to pay the large, accumulated bill, but he squandered it buying an electric coffee maker.

He suggested to blow up the CFE, the electricity company. I suggested that we pay our bills. Never have I seen just how useless is rage when it comes to resolving problems.

And so I tried to pay online but the payment system is a mess, and did not allow me to perform the payment. I had to call the company which suggested me to head to the nearest payment station, it was not possible for me to do the payment online. Sigh. If I could only rage.

Inspiration ought to be found tomorrow.