What was done today in matters of work:

Blank Page

image 1.png

I am writing this from the next version of Blank Page, which I’m building from the ground up with Svelte. After a long meeting with René, we decided the best course of action was to stabilize what we have built, and then taking steps for a major rewrite.

But as of now, this new version of Blank Page is little more than a textbox and some stats. Still, it shows a lot of promise. This could simplify our codebase drastically, and allow us to do things I always called impossible should my intuitions prove correct.


image 2.png

I implemented a drag area on the letters for touch devices, which distributes the available width among the letters. The results are very positive, but if the letter is dragged beyond other letters, the results are catastrophic.

I’m still debating if the right approach is to limit the movement of each letter. Tomorrow I will try and see how it feels hardcoding some limits.