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I had one outstanding task this morning before calling quarantine diaries complete: to put a notice on mobile which said “sorry, this site doesn’t work well on mobile, but you can try anyways”. With Blank Page RenĂ© and myself had agreed that any pleasant typing happens on a keyboard, and most physical keyboards go along with larger monitors, so for MVP mobile support was not necessary.

But, I cannot implement this without actually trying it myself. In these quarantine days my phone sits on the shelf all day long, only to be checked when I wake up and before going to bed.

Let the reader know I possess no self-control, and the reason why it sits on the shelf is because two weeks ago it slipped out of my pocket and it cracked it’s screen, bad. I must consciously avoid the top part of the screen, or a shard of glass is likely to slice my finger if I attempt to use it without presence of mind.

How am I going to tell people to proceed at their own caution, and I have not taken that precaution myself? As I was anguishing myself over these questions, a text came from the other side: René had completed the flow and published quarantine diaries first entry, from mobile none-the-less. In his own words

It should read “Proceed at your own discretion.”

And so I felt some relief, if the flow could be completed, it meant the issues were merely a matter of layout. But, as often happens in matters of front-end, this was lead through numerous rabbit holes, reducing bundle sizes, providing alternate means of navigation, favicons, quick wins, yada yada, time flew by and in one morning I went from mobile hostile to mobile indifferent.

Yes, that’s the word: mobile indifferent. Our aim is to be mobile friendly, but for now mobile indifferent will do.

Thank you for being brave enough to try it out.