Sigh. I opened without an internet connection, and it presented me a very old version of the app. This probably means that my cache is stale, and that the cache busting measure I implemented is not working. There is only one way to figure it out: connect to the internet, reload, disconnect, reload. Let’s observe the results:

Well, that went better than expected, I’m now writing on the latest version of, without an internet connection.

I accidentally set the time limit to 30 minutes. Just this morning I was thinking: it is fine to write whatever comes to mind everyday. Sometimes I don’t write because I’m not in the mood, the romantic vision of life is faded and anything I register woud be drab and gray. But the good thing about registering experience even if it seems it’s drab and gray is that you quickly bore yourself and seek more interesting ways of registering experience.

Was today gray? Well, no. But it wasn’t inspiring either. I barely worked anything on and filled my day with exercise and lunch with the family. In the evening I went to a special yoga class because of a change of name of my yoga studio and there was a small gathering afterwards. I attended but felt avoidant and kept to myself, still smiling and being polite, of course.

That damn bug where the word count overlaps the text you are writing is back. Ah, I see, if you tend to accumulate empty line breaks at the end of the document, the app thinks you are editing and does not change the… It’s 23:20, past my bed time. The rooster will begin singing incessantly at 6:30. That’s seven hours of sleep. I have work to do tomorrow.