Worked: 2.5 hours

Today I completed a feature related to the unannounced part of (as it’s still WIP) and I don’t feel like writing about work today. Actually, I don’t feel like writing today. Should I work through the feeling of not wanting to write?

Strange shuffling of leaves could be heard outside, Nina, the dog, is sleeping on the couch and she interrupted her nap to lift her head, but then decided it was unimportant and went back to sleep. I will ignore it too.

What a blessing it is to have a companion. I do not treat, think or feel my dog as a person, but the bonding is undeniable and I sometimes find myself thinking that her time with me will be short, as she’s already 14 years old. Despite this she’s in spectacular health, still chasing cats and birds with athletic prowess. She arrived to my house as a loan from my sister to see if she would deal with the mice. She didn’t, but offered much more meaningful rewards.

The crickets are chirping. When I can’t sleep I synchronize my breath to their rhythm, that usually does the trick. From the other side of the river I hear shouts from a soccer match, as I now there is a court there. Should I not know, I would probably think it is a gang fight. Some people in Mexico are very afraid, but it is not that bad.

Enough writing for tonight.