This morning I went to the gym and I felt weak, so I only had a light workout. I then came back home and dragged my feet to get out to do some work. Went to the bathroom like 4 times before noon. I went to the nearest study hall, and heat was blazing, but it felt particularly uncomfortable today. Then I had the most painful stomach ache I've felt in some time, so I came back home and it waned away after a couple of hours. Yesterday my body was aching all over. I think it might be gastroenteritis.

It's interesting to observe, because I made all sorts of reasons why I wasn't performing as I expected, but sickness hadn't crossed my mind at all (diarrhea is so common in Mexico that I don't really consider it a symptom, but I had forgotten I've been diarrhea free for a long time in Spain).

I suffer from the opposite of hypochondria, I observe symptoms and I attribute them to my state of mind or to circumstances. Is there a middle way? Any symptom you observe can come from your mental state ("I can't lift as much today because I didn't sleep well"), environmental circumstances ("Sure it's hot today"), or health ("I may be sick"). People in Spain seem to attribute everything to sickness, perhaps because of their excellent health coverage, while I tend to put off going to the doctor until it's very necessary. Nothing bad has come from this, except one time that I suffered Salmonella during an entire month because I thought it was a minor stomach upset that refused to go away.

Now that I think of it better, there is something bad that comes from this: the blame that one inflicts upon oneself for not performing to one's expectations. As I realized I was sick I felt much more accepting about my state, I wasn't being lazy or weak.

Workwise, I did end up dedicating around three hours of work to Project Arete. Not all that productive, but some territory was gained. I shall take it easy this week.