Prelude to the workday

I received an email from the library at the Reina Sofía Museum that my library card was ready to pick up, so today I'll check out the library today. There's another unexplored library nearby near Retiro, so I'll check that out today too.

Today is a matter of advancing in the direction of completion. I seem to have all the necessary features for the v2.0 version of the Bézier Game, and that it is a matter of fleshing out these features. I'm still missing the ability to save progress through localStorage, but this will come later, as the implementation will become clear when I design the levels. It seems it is here where the levels hack rears it's ugly head: since I do not have a hierarchical structure, querying for stage completeness per level (2/10 completed) requires grouping logic. But it is a good trade-off.

Work session 1 (1 hour)

I came to the library of the Dance and Music Documentation center near Retiro. It's not a good library (even if it were specialized in Music, which it's not, it's selection would be very poor) but the workstations are great. They close at 14:00, so I'll need to move on in a pair of hours.

I dedicated one hour to Streaky, it is quickly reaching MVP status and by using it on a daily basis I'm finding it natural to extend it. Now let's dedicate the next session to the Bézier Game.

Work session 2 (1 hour)

I dedicated one hour to the Bézier Game. I was all over the place: reorganizing code, adding new stages, fixing the layout of things I placed temporarily, considering my options to convert from fixed to relative coordinates... This kind of work is necessary now and then, now I need to choose something to work on to complete it. But first I shall have lunch, Retiro is the perfect place for this. There's a study hall nearby which I haven't visited yet, or... I'll decide after lunch.

Work session 3 (30 min)

The day was too nice to go indoors, so I decided on having a quick work session at the park. I completed a simple feature: when you switch keybindings (Sketch, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc) the shortcuts displayed change too.


I went to the Reina Sofía Library after the park. This is a private library, which requires you to sign up some weeks before hand and they hand you a library card for free. I had received an email that my library card was ready, but when I got there it turns out I needed my passport to pick it up, and since the pool was nearby and it was Friday afternoon I decided to chill out.