Prelude to the workday

I begin the day kinda late, I'll remain home for the first work session and see from there. Work needs to be done in the stages so that you can complete a multi-segmented stage, and during offtime I remembered an event driven architecture that's already in place, which will greatly assist in accomplishing this.

Work session 1 (perhaps 3 hours?)

Oh dear, I've reached the knotty parts of the code, it is so full of exceptions it makes me wish to rewrite the entire thing. Though it would leave me satisfied, it would take me a full week I estimate. I'm slogging through it, adding even more exceptions as I go. When this is done, I won't want to touch this code again with a ten foot pole.

I finished the multi-segment mechanics, but now I must do more work to support undo. With evidence of exploding complexity, I now see my original estimation was naïve, but I will take no stab at a new estimation until I advance more. I feel like taking a long break. Perhaps I am done for today, when I make some distance I will perceive the remaining energy.


I took a break the rest of the day to think it through. I slept at the airbnb, but did not bring the macbook, I shall write my conclusions today.