I'm writing this from Streaky, which is a... what would we call it at this moment? At the time it is little more than a textarea and a word counter. It is in such an early stage that I find myself reticent to pin down what it is. The project is a collaboration with my friend René Galindo and I will be writing about it as I dedicate work sessions to it.

What needs to be done today? I need to be at the airbnb apartment at 10:00, because guests arrive at 12:00, so it is better that I hurry up instead of dedicating the full 30 minutes to writing this. As I do it, I notice that 30 minutes is too long. It is enough to project the day with a couple of paragraphs and leave it as an intention.

I've been wondering if I should write the work logs before or after work. It would would entirely change the narrative. Last week the work log was written mostly before work was done. As a matter of experience, it follows that this week it will be written after work is done. So instead of a prologue it should have an afterword, the summary of what happened in the day. I will stick to this method for this week. Let's get to work and keep writing after work is done.

Work session 1 (1 hour, 30min)

The guests, a pleasant latino family from the US, arrived 40 minutes early. I wasn't done yet, so I directed them towards the bedroom while I finished sweeping floors. Not much remarkable happened, I decided not to get here by bike, as my intention is going to the gym today, and I've seen that, when I both bike long distances and go to the gym, physical exhaustion impedes focus.

Work session 2 (1 hour, 45min)

45 minutes were dedicated to project Arete. The project involves cycles, and last week was one cycle. I needed to do a bit more work in order to support more than one cycle and begin the week. It seems growing in the direction of need was the right choice. Now, allow us to continue with the bézier game.

15 minutes for the bézier game and I solved the centering bug from last week. I deployed it because isn't a feature for the next version, rather than a bugfix so that I do not build on quicksand. What shall I solve now? Let us work on streaky.

45 minutes for Streaky. I implemented most of the design sent by René and redid the proto-MVP that I had done yesterday. I'm pleasantly surprised at the usefulness of such a simple product. I can't say it's more useful than a text editor for me at this time, but it will soon be.


I come back home 18:36 and I call it a day. Everything took me less than I expected, I am satisfied with the day. Nothing else needs to be written. Logging off from work.