There is no point in describing my work days, it is only the conclusions that are reached that have any value, and if the conclusions are related to the events lived, then some reference to the experience lived should be described.

The change in approach is due to the very obvious phenomena of experiencing the self as a character in a fictional story. When something interesting happens, I think in terms of how to frame it in writing. I’ve experienced this in the past in my personal journals, and I know it to be psychologically unhealthy. This is why sometimes I challenge myself not to use “I” when I write, it submits the ego because the voice in the head can’t do the writing. Just a word of warning for the imaginary reader.

Exercise time and time again proves to be the best remedy against an agitated mind. The difference in working performance one feels after going to the gym is remarkable. However, if the body is pushed too far, fatigue takes its toll on mental performance. This is why the ideal workout is quick and intense, enough to get the proper brain chemicals flowing, but short of the joys of a good workout. It’s surprisingly difficult to self-regulate this!

Working at places where people are deeply focused, such as a library or a study hall, is sometimes superior to having a quiet office with a large screen and many amenities. When you can’t get a coffee, you don’t wonder if you should be getting a coffee. But then you need a good internet connection, or a snack, or a coffee, and you come back to the office to satisfy your needs. Variety is the name of the game.

Enough already. When both body and mind ask to go to bed, one must take heed of their advice.