I woke up less than a minute ago. I opened my eyes and tried to make sense of the time of the day by looking at the windows, but as it’s cloudy I couldn’t infer it. Then I remembered about yesterday’s resolution: “I am here”. I pulled my laptop and opened it in bed, I shall try to have my work log written while I recover from this grogginess.

Oh dear, it’s so difficult to write while waking up. Clarity of mind is utterly lost. I will write stream of thought, as I used to write my work logs in the beginning.

I woke up late, at around 10am, and saw that I had absolutely no clothes left, so I made the laundry and put on what remained from my clean clothes: shorts and a wife beater. The weather forecast for yesterday was cold, so I would look quite ridiculous and suffer from coldness, but fuck it.

Since I had to wait for the laundry to be done before leaving for work, I slowed myself to a leisurely pace… Wait a minute, this is not a diary! The day begins at work dammit.

I saw that the nearest library wil be open 24 hours because we’re in final exams season. It’s Saturday and it was supposed to be closed, but I was glad that it was open since I had left my bike at the office. I worked perhaps only three hours, I was deeply concentrated and was able to get a lot done. I only interrupted work because I had some chores to do (buy a book and get groceries) and the places would be closing soon.

Oh dear, thought is confused upon waking up, I can’t make head from tails and I’m already five minutes past my allotted time. I’ll leave it at this.

Edit: it took me 80 minutes to get out of home from the time I opened my eyes. The purpose is not to leave home as quickly as possible, but to get out within 60 minutes while still writing my work log. It’s good progress so I’m satisfied.