I don’t have much time, but I want to write my work log. I’ll simply point out short observations:

  • In the spectrum of tiredness there’s a “Ballmer peak” where you can become productive. Tiredness prevents you from being self critical with work, so you bang it out without regard for outcome. Unfortunately this effect is shortlived, but it can be extended by small bouts of meditation (just stare out the window and focus on the breath for a couple of seconds).

  • When swimming underwater while holding your breath, you cover more distance at a regular pace rather than trying to swim as fast as you can. The increased heartbeat rate will reduce the time you can hold your breath.

  • After overhearing many conversations between people of different nationalities, I can say with a degree of certainty that the most banal conversations are between American women.

  • I discovered another possibility for an adequate workplace: the mall of Madrid Río. There’s sofas with electrical outlets (thought for phone charging), free wifi, and countless amenities around.

  • When I’m very tired my capacity to speak declines sharply. This is the same case when I’m drunk. Sleepiness doesn’t seem to affect people in the same way. I wonder if people who lose a lot of motor skill while sleepy manifest the same symptom while drunk.