I’m writing this work log the next day: I went to yoga and came back so relaxed I went directly to bed at 10pm. I met Isa for lunch, and part of the conversation turned to a topic which I hadn’t inquired into: some people seem to move more comfortably in uncertainty. Not knowing what the future will bring seems to serve a two-fold purpose: not giving up on the range of possibilities life offers, and keeping spontaneity alive.

The lack of direction seems to unsettle some people, they get nervous for you, and they seem obliged to help you “figure things out”, but there’s nothing to figure out. Sometimes we have to pretend to have things figured out in order to let people be at ease.

I see this happen in my creative endeavors too: setting up fixed points makes things difficult to change later on, and I only come to commit myself to certain decisions when the constraints mandate that there must be fixed point in order to advance.

As I’m redoing part of the game flow I find myself in this uncertainty again, and I’m debating wether it’s a net positive or a negative. I’ll try to do the opposite of what I usually do in order to experience it: commit to a path, walk it in faith that it’s the right choice, and see what results.