Friday. I woke up at 8am. I had some troubles finding focus, it seems that everything that remains to be done are things which I don’t particularly like and I left for last, but I’m finding ways of getting enjoyment out of it.

I had originally implemented sound with a homebrewed solution, but I’ve seen that cross-browser consistency is a pain in the ass. Safari Desktop had some glitches which were different from Safari iOS, but Chrome and Firefox were performing as expected. In the end I replaced my homebrewed solution with howlerjs. I was quite surprised that I didn’t even have to change the code I implemented! Since sound controls are very standard it was almost a drop-in replacement, and I got consistent behavior across platforms and browsers.

After lunch I went to the gym to work, I took coffee and was productive. I hit the gym, then went to yoga class, worked some more, and then hit the sauna. When I came out of the gym I felt a different person, it never ceases to strike me just how much exercise changes my mood. I remember my ex-roomie once suggesting I might suffer from muscle dysmorphia, I laughed at the suggestion: I’m just being chased by depression and this is the way I outrun it.

Since nearby libraries are closed, and I’ve found how to work at the gym, it seems this will be my workplace for the next two days. Today an old app idea resurrected from the graveyard: I register my progress in a notebook, and I want to do this on the phone, but I’ll wait for the intention to mature before even putting thought into it.

Regarding the question: “What is the best way of notifying people that new stages are available?”, I’ve come to a conclusion: it’s not about new stages, it’s about communicating what I’m doing to whoever might be interested, through the channel he or she finds most convenient. This includes social media, so I’ll probably open a Facebook, YouTube and Instagram account for Method of Action, and I will treat them as notification channels in addition to email and RSS. I will make it clear that these are not geared at content since I’m not competing for attention, I’m simply using them to tell people something interesting has been released. I’ll probably post something twice per month, tops.

Where is my mediation practice taking me? no longer seems relevant. I’m doing it every day and I’m seeing very positive effects, and one of those insights is that knowing where it is taking me is utterly unnecessary, it’s a question of the ego who thought the water temperature might be disagreeable, but it wasn’t.

Where am I going in April? Sam and his wife come back early April. They generously borrowed their home while they were away. I have one month left to find another dwelling. I had put off the task of even thinking about it, because the game is not released and I might need to go back to Mexico, but as success is in the air, it was only today that I sensed where is my next move. But I’ll withhold the answer until success ceases to be a fantasy. So I’ve answered all my questions, for now.

It’s time to quiet the mind and make a push this weekend, hopefully I’ll have it ready early next week, inshallah. All questions answered, writing work logs doesn’t even seem necessary. I guess I’ll just mark them as one checks a box: work was done.

Questions I’m asking myself

  1. What is the best way of notifying people that new stages are available?
  2. Where is my meditation practice leading me?
  3. Where am I going in April?