Today I received excellent news: a friend will borrow his apartment while he’s out of the country. This extends my stay in Spain for some time (God willing), and sets the stage for nursing my project upon release. I was fearing a premature departure, as moving from a country is a complicated proposition, and recently released projects require careful attention.

This, and a focused day of work tying loose ends presented a product which I can already taste. I left the study hall elated and I walked four blocks in the opposite direction before I noticed I didn’t know where I was. Having the time constraint removed, ideas begun pouring out: “If add this feature it would really improve the gameplay!”, and I had to stop myself from projecting too far away.

I came back home and had a nap. After the excitement calmed down I begun adding stages, seeing how they could be improved. I identified some mechanics which would be useful, and decided to dedicate the day tomorrow towards exploring their feasibility. Should they prove quick wins I will implement them, otherwise they be axed. My intention is to have a good working demo by the end of the week.

An immense sense of gratitude followed the excitement, I’ve lucked out in so many ways in this period it feels the universe is conspiring towards success. This is a big wave that has swelled, and it’s up to me to surf it wisely.