Today I spent a large amount of time hesitating how to implement the scoring system. There were other decisions which I had to make beforehand, and to measure up these decisions I begun implementing them. They were difficult to implement, they turned out fine, and by the end of the day I have a clear idea of how it will be implemented tomorrow. I noticed that—even though I was facing very challenging problems—I was not stressing out over it. It’s Sunday, so I decided to take it easy, and I took as many breaks and naps as I pleased, yet I got a whole lot done.

I came to the conclusion that stress is optional, completely self-inflicted, arising from an attachment on how I should be working, and the self-perceived productivity I’m having. In the past days I’ve thought that it is necessary for keeping engaged with the project, but today it became obvious that it is just a side-effect of attachment. How to minimize stress shall be within my awareness in the next few days. The eczema is gone, but today a cold sore appeared on my lip.

I ran out of tobacco, and since it is Sunday most tobacco shops are closed. So I had a long walk to one that was open. The sun was shinning, and I enjoyed the walk even though it was through the city. I’ll keep to my promise of taking one or two days off in the upcoming week when the weather forecast indicates it’ll get warmer. I’m coming close to having a functionally complete product, and though great temptations arose to polish non-essential things, I contained myself and went through the terrain I had planned beforehand. My only question is: where shall I go?