Thanks for your interest! Attention is the most precious resource nowadays, so instead of dripping small updates through social media and having a newsletter, I batch updates into notifications which I send out twice per month, at most. If there is nothing to say, then it's silence.

Besides major releases such as new games, apps or projects, I may update with:

  1. New stages available for the existing games
  2. Highlights from the work log
  3. Asking for volunteers to help me beta test something
  4. Links to articles I've written
  5. Brief thoughts, if any

Method of Action is the creative endeavor of a human being, so I communicate as a human being, not as a company. No industry news, happy holidays, giveaways, etc. My KPI is not growth, it's enjoyment in what I'm doing and it's a privilege to share it with you.

I haven't sent an update yet, but when I have it I will link it here so you can sample before you subscribe.

Email, RSS and social media receive the same content, but tailored for the platform. You'll receive duplicate content if you subscribe to more than one channel. If you really care about receiving updates, *email is the first choice*.


Plain text mailchimp newsletter. Two emails per month at most. Requires confirmation.


Here is the notifications RSS Feed. Two updates per month at most.

As an alternative, I also have a full text RSS feed which is updated as soon as I publish (almost daily).


You can follow @methodofaction on Twitter. This is the exception to the "batch notifications" approach, updates happen in real time.


You can follow @methodofaction on Instagram. Two updates per month at most with screenshots of current work.


You can Subscribe to Method of Action's YouTube Channel. Content is mostly an excuse to send notifications, just for the convenience of being notified at the places you visit most. But who knows! I may upload video from time to time.


You can follow @methodofaction on Dribbble. Two updates per month at most with screenshots of current work.


Sorry, per Facebook's policy I can't open an account for Method of Action without having a personal account, to which I decline (I understand the rule though, no hard feelings!).

Really appreciate your attention. There's no point in creating without sharing.