Method of Action is partnering with companies and individuals to produce stages for The Boolean Game. Sponsoring provides players with engaging content to play with, and sponsors receive brand recognition which can't be found in advertising

Stages are best explained through example, here is Emojinotes's sponsored stage:

emojinote.png Play with it live

What it includes

Customized stageYour logo or a brand asset which is agreeable to vector boolean operations
Shape replacementOnce your stage is completed, the image can be replaced with an equivalent one in full color.
Logoyour logo linked to a URL of your choice, on stage and score screens.
Tutorialanimated, non-obtrusive tutorial so your users can engage with the stage, even if they haven't played the game before
Custom URLExample /#emojinote, non sponsored stages have randomized urls /y8ctsozm0
Customized color schemeA custom color scheme will be implemented in harmony with your brand colors.
Priority in the stage queueUnsponsored stages are played linearly (from start to finish) forming a queue. Unplayed sponsored stages are then inserted in random priority between every unsponsored stages. This ensures that your sponsored stage has a better chance of being played.
Mention to our followersMethod of Action has around 12K followers on twitter

The game statistics are public, and has around 24,000 unique visitors per month. The Boolean Game works on desktop, tablets and phones, and works surprisingly well on low powered devices. You are encouraged to test it out.

$499 USD
One time fee. Pay once, enjoy for the game's lifetime†
† I expect it to last a couple of years at least. But for contractual purposes I commit to having your stage available at least one year online from the day it's published. Stages will not be replaced or removed afterwards.

Current availability

  • 1 slot in level Union ($999 USD, sole sponsored stage)
  • 1 slot in level Subtract ($999 USD, sole sponsored stage)
  • 1 slot in level Difference ($999 USD, sole sponsored stage)
  • 6 slots in level Easy
  • 6 slots in level Intermediate
  • 6 slots in level Advanced

Inventory is unlimited for Easy, Intermediate and Advanced, but it becomes available when new unsponsored stages are produced. This ensures that your sponsored stage does not appear immediately after another sponsored stage.

No gambling, adult content or firearms are allowed. I'll deal with questionable content con a case by case basis, and I reserve the right to reject sponsors without a specific reason.

Interested? Drop me a line at and I'll get things moving.

Thanks for your interest!