I was resting upon a meadow in a forest when a female presence came to me. It whispered:

—“You are dead”.
—“How is that? Am I in heaven?”
—“No, he said. You are already revived, but you exist only in what you would have called digital form”.
—How long ago did I die?
—Your material form faded away five million years ago.
—That’s… that’s impossible, the accident was a moment ago.
—Everybody says that.
—So the Hindus had it right and everyone is reincarnated?
—Well, not exactly. Not everybody is reincarnated.
—Oh that’s a relief, there’s so many assholes I wouldn’t want to meet again. You surely don’t reincarnate the assholes, right?
—I’m afraid I wouldn’t be here speaking to you, Mr. Smith.
—So it’s not virtue what brought me here. What was it then?
—Your creativity.
—Pffffft come on! I didn’t know they were such ass lickers in heaven!
—Mr. Smith, we have come a long way from your times, once reincarnated you will be introduced to a society very much different than your own.
—So you’re all prudes! You can lick my ass too!
—I’m not grouped with them. They are not prudes, they don’t waste time in trifling conflict. They are very straightforward people now, Robert.
—I respect that.
—Yes, we have important matters to attend. Here is what happened: after your death, everything your published online remained archived in a layer, not unlike geological layers. A bot collected all your photos, videos, texts, and other crumbs, and then the master computer modeled a consciousness that would be capable of producing what you created in your lifetime. We have refined the process through the years, but we still need a considerable amount of creation in order to reverse engineer the consciousness.
—Oh, so it’s like I’m modeled after my photos and my writing and…
—I am not getting through, Mr. Smith. We recreated a consciousness that would be capable of producing the same things as you did. You are what you do, and if what you do is registered, we are capable of recreating it.
—Have you recreated Jesus?
—It was in the scriptures, wasn’t it?
—Are you Christians now?
—That is for you to discover
—How can you ask me to step into a society which I do not know?
—Look, Mr. Smith. Not everyone can be recreated. All those who used their time consuming TV shows, music, books, literature and even learning is useless. We need evidence of your thinking in order to recreate you, and unfortunately from your period, a lot of souls are missing. —But what about the pre-digital era?
—Well, almost every author, artist, musician or scientist that you can name from history has been resurrected. But the vast majority of people from before your era left no record, so we could not recreate them.
—Just let me know something: are we still on planet Earth?
—The answer is irrelevant. Look, you don’t have to make the choice now. But look around you: this place is empty, what do you think that means?
—Hmmm that everybody prefers the material world than the digital one? —That’s right.
—But you’re hanging out here aren’t you?
—Oh I enjoy silence and solitude.
—And you greet newly spanned souls?
—I do
—Can I be your assistant?
—You would really prefer to be in the material world, Robert.
—I’ll tell you what: just let me greet the next soul to span.
—That would be unwise.
—I’ll just follow your script, it’s kinda fun.

The female entity turned inside out for a moment, and came back with an answer: yes, I would be able to do it, but just for the next soul.

When the next soul appeared, I grabbed him by the shoulder and told him “Dude we’re fucking dead!”. The soul appeared shocked. The female entity just remained present. I understood: she already knew I would do that. She knew not only that, but every branch of every decision I would ever take. Almost incapable of moving I manage to step aside. The angel comforted the newly rebirthed soul.

The scene faded away and I opened my eyes in this new world.